Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Profile: Jenn Jones, Owner of MARKET

Meet Jenn...

MARKET: Where do you live?
Jenn: Los Angeles 

MARKET: Working, homemaker, or juggling both?
Jenn: Obviously working! But we have no help with our kids, so at car-pool time, no more work. Being a mother has been the best part of my life, hands down. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

MARKET: How would you describe your style?
Jenn: Just like MARKET's tag-line, "Classic with a twist." I go in for quality basics. I love layers. Stripes are a must preferably mixed with a print of some kind. I think I fall in the "clean AND disheveled" category. I lean towards loose fitting pants and trousers with girlie tops. 

MARKET: First MARKET memory/ impression?
Jenn: I remember when we were painting and getting ready to open how nervous I was. Would anybody come? 

MARKET: Favorite MARKET purchase?
Jenn: Hmmm...That's a tough one. How about sub-categories? Most worn: my Of Two Minds green military pants. I heart them beyond. Most delicious: My super thick cable knit cashmere sweater from Autumn Cashmere this year. It (not surprisingly) looks great with said green pants.  Most dear: My black wool double breasted coat from Paul & Joe that I got the 1st year I opened (pictured below).

* NOTE -  My all-time favorite item of clothing are vintage brown Levi corduroy's (available at vintage shops nationwide). I have worn through so many pairs it's embarrassing. In their droopy, thin wale excellence I have had to many good times to count. These fall in the "Can't live without" column!

MARKET: What's in your wish I'd bought column?
Jenn: I wish I'd bought more Herno jackets for the store this year!

Most over-rated: Layered bling, cheeky cut-offs, spinning, coffee, neon, youth.

Things you're loving now: Delicate oxfords. Simple. Pretty. Friends. Food. And always the circus. This kind of circus:

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