MARKET is your local one stop shop for quality goods in Brentwood. Where style always trumps trend and classic looks fresh with a twist.

Jenn Jones (below left with the original MARKET besties) is the owner of MARKET. For 12 years her keen eye and whimsical nature have been livening up her little corner in Brentwood. Truly a treasure of a find, this boutique offers friendly customer service, great style and endless opinions! 

"There are so many things I'm interested in...it's endless!"

Some things about me: For starters, I love my family, I love to work, I'm learning to cook and I am gradually learning to take time for myself. I rarely watch TV, typically over volunteer and I find myself making somewhat useless, but lovely (?), things in the the wee hours. 

How I got into retail (aside from my first job at the GAP in the Topanga Mall):

Having a store was never something I imagined in my youth, I wanted to be President. Yep, THE President. Those of you who have seen me working barefoot, with no make-up and a messy bun, can you imagine? I started in fashion by answering an ad in The LA Times and landing a job as an assistant to some manufacturers in downtown LA. Late one night I popped in to Planet Blue to buy a gift and that event changed my life forever. One of the owners asked if I wanted a job, to which I replied, "I already have a job." Eventually it came down to, "I'll pay you double, can you start tomorrow?"

And so my life as a garmento continued steps from Malibu Beach. I spent about 6 years working for Alan and Ling-su and got a crash course in retailing that people dream of. With no training I began writing orders, managing inventory and over-seeing the growing business. I started on the endless circuit of trade shows: NY, Vegas, LA. Many of the people I met during these years I still count as friends today. 

On November 30, 1999 as I was driving to Malibu from my shanty in Venice I realized I was going to quit that day. I hadn't even been thinking about it, but there it was, a feeling resolute, strong and unwavering. I trained my replacement over the next two and a half months and on Valetine's Day, Ling walked in and said, "Today's your last day." I nodded. A few minutes later a customer walked in and asked how I was. I said, "Great. Today's my last day." She said that was fab because she needed someone to do PR for her and could I start tomorrow... 

Again, as one door closed, another opened. This woman challenged me to be better, give more and enjoy life. She is the reason there is a MARKET at all. She taught me to believe in myself, (right along with my mother of course) but this true friend was always asking me, "Why?" and sometimes, "Why not?" She challenged me to face my fears and helped guide me into the eventual idea of opening a boutique. Her quiet strength I remain grateful for to this day. 

Thank you Monica. And thank you to all the customers who come in to share stories and drink tea/coffee and for all of the kindness and support I (and the besties) have enjoyed in this little corner shop. I am truly grateful.