Friday, December 7, 2012

Customer Profile: Monica Epstein

Meet Monica...

Monica is the kind of friend that actually wakes up looking like this (above). But has just the right amount of silly to do this (below). This was take 20, the two of us in Hong Kong 2005.

MARKET: Where do you live?
Monica: I live in Santa Barbara, CA.

MARKET: Working, homemaker or juggling both?
Monica: I am mostly a homemaker but have found myself cutting leather again and smelling like a tannery which I think would be a decent candle scent.

MARKET: What are you making?
Monica: Turkish towel aprons trimmed in leather and other table accessories. They are available here in SB at Wendy Foster or at MARKET in LA. 

MARKET: How would you describe your style?
Monica: I always put effort into my clothes but all my pieces are easy. Classic is always my first choice. I spend more time in daytime clothes so that is where I invest. My evening clothes are a slight variation of daytime- most often this involves a combination of jacket and blouse. 

MARKET: First MARKET memory/ impressions?
Monica: What can I say? I love it. I feel like everything MARKET sells could be lost on the beach overnight and found the next day in perfect wearable least to my standards. It's not precious, everything is easy but says something thoughtful about who you are and the choices you make. The best thing about MARKET is that it is not label driven- it is style driven.

MARKET: Favorite MARKET purchase?
Monica: A swiss dot blush blouse.

MARKET: What's in your "Wish I'd bought column"?
Monica: I wish I had bought everything Jenn said I needed, seriously. It's rare that she tells you you NEED anything. When it comes out of her mouth and I hesitate I've learned I'll regret it. Sometimes my style evolution is on a slower curve.

The most over-rated items:
The maxi dress. I'm probably alone here but I just don't get it. Others: berets, stilettos, high waisted shorts, cleavage and layered bling.

Looks I'm loving now:
I like the feminine interpretation of men's wear happening right now. It seems fresh and inspiring. I love landscapes like never before and the open road. I'm loving things strong, grand and always. Obsessed with anything navy, blush or bronze. And I can't live without an equestrian inspired blazer!

Thank you Monica for being our first customer profile!

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