Friday, June 1, 2012

Fairytale Movie Magic

No matter what your thoughts are on the twisted fairytale premise, Snow White and the Huntsman is already garnering rave reviews for the stunning costuming and make up. Costume designer Colleen Atwood, a three time Academy Award winner, created over a thousand costumes for the film. Perhaps most amazing are the beautiful, intricately detailed gowns she constructed for Charlize Theron. Atwood utilized unusual materials, including parchment paper skeletons and beetle shells from Thailand, to convey the wickedness of the villainess. As for make up, Sharon Martin created a wide range of looks to convey the gritty, darkness of the tale. She applied faux dirt, facial hair and painted broken veins to create realistic earthy characters. In contrast, she used Badgal eye pencils, POREfessional primer and Benetint to give the actresses that youthful storybook glow. Benetint even released a limited edition line of these products called Rare Beauty. The artistry that went into this flick is sure to make it visually incredible.