Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall's "It" Item: The Scarf

Scarf sightings in LA are a dime a dozen. We may pretend it starts when the weather turns, but all natives know the scarf is a year round accessory in these parts. Chilly mornings may turn into warm (ok, downright hot) afternoons, but then, your purse never looked so fab either...

Confused by the variety? The myriad of shapes and sizes can be overwhelming. Thinking elegant? Go cashmere with or without fringe. Boho more your style? Try something printed and with enough volume and length to get some good drape. Looking for versatile? Make black, grey, creme and pale pink your investment, these colors pair well with an array of others. The beauty of scarves is the stamp it lends us. Moody, cozy, stylish or sassy, there is a scarf for you!